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Higher Heights for America

Higher Heights is dedicated to expanding Black women’s elected representation and voting participation, along with advancing progressive policies.

“As the premier organization that invests in expanding and supporting Black women’s leadership at a moment when there are just 30 Black women in Congress, we are so proud to endorse Mayor Tekesha Martinez as she runs to represent Maryland’s sixth congressional district.” Eboni Taylor, Vice President of Programs


Progressive Neighbors

Progressive Neighbors is an all-volunteer grassroots group founded in 2006 to make a more just and equitable Montgomery County and Maryland as a whole.

“Martinez's background gives her a direct understanding of those she would serve as Representative. Martinez’s progressive platform includes substantive details for “a women’s agenda,” strengthening unions, Medicare for All, racial justice, community-centered development, and fighting climate change. Martinez is equipped to win this Congressional seat in November.” Progressive Neighbors

NOWPAC_green (1) (1).png

National Organization for Women

NOW, founded in 1966, is the grassroots arm of the women's movement. With around 500,000 members, it is the largest organization of feminist activists in the United States.

“As the first Black Mayor of Hagerstown, Tekesha Martinez has leveraged her lived experience and professional experience as a mediator to improve the lives of women in her hometown. The National Organization for Women PAC is proud to stand with her campaign to serve Maryland’s 6th congressional district and drive forward a women’s agenda.” Christian F. Nunes, Chairwoman


SigmaPAC 1914

SigmaPAC is the nonpartisan political action arm of the historically-Black Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity whose membership has included the late Congressman John Lewis.

“I am so grateful to SigmaPAC 1914 for their early support as I build a campaign that focuses on addressing complex issues like economic development, equality for all, and leveling the playing field for all Americans, including the Black and brown communities that have been systematically disadvantaged.” Tekesha Martinez

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