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For most families in this country, everything is determined by their work. What food they eat, what medicine they receive, how they will retire, what communities they’re a part of, and what schools they’ll go to. Unions, throughout this nation’s history, have built the communities and power necessary for better pay and working conditions. It is critical that unions get the support they need to raise the standard of living for all workers—union and non-union. The rising tide of organized labor lifts all boats.

A Note from Tekesha

As a homegrown American success story against all odds, I am very familiar with overcoming barriers just to survive. When I returned to my hometown as a ward of the state, I took whatever job I could to support my children; driving forklifts, staffing a hotel front desk, working at an electronics retailer, and more. Unions have historically been the lifeline keeping working-class folks like myself afloat, so I am proud to be running a campaign that boldly supports and seeks to expand the labor movement.


As Mayor of Hagerstown, I have been committed to growing our economy locally by ensuring that incoming jobs are union-strong and accessible with adequate education, training and transportation. With union membership up, but union density decreasing, this work is more important than ever.


You can count on me to stand with labor, especially when the fights are in our own backyard; from standing against shameful proposals to privatize the Montgomery County Alcohol and Beverage Services to standing with our brave Correctional Officers in Hagerstown who were subject to wage theft. Not to mention our #HagerstownProud UAW workers of Local 171.


In addition to the work that can done in DC, the most important job a Congressperson can do is make organized labor a governing partner and ever-present voice that permeates the entire Congressional office. Leading by example for others, especially business leaders across the District, I will make it clear that I stand WITH working people and organized labor and won’t hesitate to use my platform to revitalize the labor movement and push back against worker intimidation in the workplace for organizing.

Tekesha's Experience

Unions were critical to Tekesha’s rise to become Mayor of her hometown. Her time as a community mediator began with close work with the local teacher’s union to strengthen bonds between educators and the community they served. During her time on Hagerstown City Council, she encouraged the city to expediently accept union requests during negotiations. As Mayor, Tekesha has continued to support unions, their activities, and the communities they create.

As Congresswoman, Tekesha's goals will include:

  • Working to pass the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act as soon as possible to expand labor protections and strengthen unions.

  • Supporting collective bargaining and organizing rights for workers of all sectors, including the right to strike, ending strike-breaking practices, and ensuring that striking workers are entitled to the same benefits as those still on the job.

  • Fighting for the minimum wage to be indexed to inflation.

  • Passing the Family And Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act to catch up with global standards of paid leave and guarantee up to 12 weeks of partial income for time off due to conditions such as pregnancy, childbirth recovery, caring for a seriously ill family member, shifting arrangements due to domestic abuse or a family member’s military deployment, and more.

  • Ending the practice of worker misclassification that allows companies to exploit their employees by labeling them "independent contractors" or "supervisors" to avoid fair wages and paid overtime.

  • Passing the Tax Fairness for Workers Act to reinstate an individual tax deduction for workers’ payments of union dues along with the No Tax Breaks for Union Busting Act to stop taxpayers from subsidizing the efforts of corporations to silence their employees.

  • Passing the Paycheck Fairness Act to ensure equal pay for equal work, end retaliations against workers for simply sharing how much they make, and provide women with the tools they need to better negotiate their wages. (See: A Women's Agenda) 

  • Expanding access to high-quality childcare through bills like the Universal Child Care and Early Learning Act, recognizing that the income, careers, and well-being of working mothers are disproportionately impacted by a lack of affordable childcare options. (See: A Women's Agenda) 

  • Working with Governor Moore, President Ferguson, and Speaker Jones to ensure that ALEC and Club for Growth-inspired bills like "Right to Work for Less" continue to be rejected in Annapolis.

  • Ensuring that the government itself is as pro-labor an employer as possible, through the encouragement of Project Labor Agreements, and fighting against anti-union employment practices.

  • Requiring merging companies to honor existing union contracts.

  • Retaining a labor liaison on staff to maintain communication with locals and convening a regular labor advisory council with leaders across MD-06.

  • Being prepared to walk the line with striking workers and help lead on local labor fights.

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