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  • Public Safety
    Every issue connects back to public safety, whether it be ensuring our communities have the healthcare they need, protecting the rights of our seniors to retire with dignity, or working with law enforcement to emphasize de-escalation and encourage living in the communities that are served. Tekesha’s Experience: Tekesha has made public safety a top priority. As an elected official representing the people, she has stayed present and accountable by regularly riding along with law enforcement officers, ensuring open dialogue between police and community activists, and following through on public safety outcomes such as reducing reckless off-road vehicle crimes and youth recidivism. As Congresswoman, Tekesha’s goals will include: Balancing the needs of law enforcement with the imperative that the communities they serve feel heard and understood, not overpoliced and underprotected. Addressing the crisis of gun violence by adopting common sense measures like universal background checks that reduce the chance of firearms getting into the wrong hands while protecting the rights of responsible owners.
  • Mediating National Divides
    Who loses when our government is dysfunctional? Not the special interests that benefit from the distraction. The American people suffer the most—from the furloughed federal employee during a government shutdown to the senior who can’t wait for a messy internal party fight to play out on the House floor before her representatives can do their job passing bills that help her afford life-saving medication. It doesn’t have to be this way. It’s time a trained community mediator joined the ranks of Congress. Tekesha’s Experience: Surviving many traumas on her own, Tekesha decided not to become a victim to conflict. Instead of retreating into herself, she charged into confrontation on behalf of her community head-first, serving for over a decade as a trained mediator in her hometown. Tekesha has placed herself in the middle of disputes involving police, landlords and tenants, neighbors, coworkers, individuals in prison, and more because she knows what it takes to heal wounds. As Congresswoman, Tekesha’s goals will include: Playing a role in mediating our national divides and opening dialogue among representatives so that Congress can do its job. Expanding programs for re-entry mediation that allow individuals preparing for release from prison to interface with family members and others so that they may heal wounds, address lingering conflicts, and prepare for the future.
  • Empowering Workers and Strengthening Unions
    For most families in this country, everything is determined by their work. What food they eat, what medicine they receive, how they will retire, what communities they’re a part of, and what schools they’ll go to. Unions, throughout this nation’s history, have built the communities and power necessary for better pay and working conditions. It is critical that unions get the support they need to raise the standard of living for all workers—union and non-union. The rising tide of organized labor lifts all boats. Tekesha’s Experience: Unions were critical to Tekesha’s rise to become Mayor of her hometown. Her time as a community mediator began with close work with the local teacher’s union to strengthen bonds between educators and the community they served. During her time on Hagerstown City Council, she encouraged the city to expediently accept union requests during negotiations. As Mayor, Tekesha has continued to support unions, their activities, and the communities they create. As Congresswoman, Tekesha’s goals will include: Working to pass the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act as soon as possible to expand labor protections and strengthen unions. Supporting collective bargaining and organizing rights for workers of all sectors, including the right to strike, ending strike-breaking practices, and ensuring that striking workers are entitled to the same benefits as those still on the job. Ensuring that the government itself is as pro-labor an employer as possible, through the encouragement of Project Labor Agreements, and fighting against anti-union employment practices. Retaining a labor liaison on staff to maintain communication with locals and convening a regular labor advisory council with leaders across MD-06.
  • Community-Centered Development
    So often, economic and infrastructure development comes at the expense of the environment and of communities, especially those who are working class or otherwise marginalized.. It is crucial that in our work to strengthen and grow our region that we do not tear down the communities we are trying to help. Tekesha’s Experience: As a Mayor and City Councilmember, Tekesha has been involved in securing over $400 million of development in Hagerstown along with a total of $1.3 billion across Washington County. Throughout this expansion, she has committed to do everything in her power to ensure that new development does not leave communities behind. As Congresswoman, Tekesha’s goals will include: Ensuring that crumbling American infrastructure and eroding community services are restored while securing new, ecologically sustainable development for the future. Magnifying the voices of communities across the district to ensure that development does not harm them, and advocating that local, union labor is utilized in as many projects across the district as possible.
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