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Every issue connects back to public safety, whether it be ensuring our communities have the healthcare they need, protecting the rights of our seniors to retire with dignity, or working with law enforcement to emphasize de-escalation and encourage living in the communities that are served.

Tekesha's Experience

Tekesha has made public safety a top priority. As an elected official representing the people, she has stayed present and accountable by regularly riding along with law enforcement officers, ensuring open dialogue between police and community activists, and following through on public safety outcomes such as reducing reckless off-road vehicle crimes and youth recidivism.

As Congresswoman, Tekesha's goals will include:

  • Balancing the needs of law enforcement with the imperative that the communities they serve feel heard and understood, not overpoliced and under-protected.

  • Expanding the usage of trained community mediators, social workers, and mental health professionals so that overstressed law enforcement officers no longer have to wear all of these hats at once.

  • Incentivizing access to counseling and mental health services for officers.

  • Incentivizing officers to live in the communities that they serve.

  • Empowering folks who know their own communities best, from elders to returning citizens, to help monitor and interrupt potential violence through conflict mediation.

  • Increasing support for victims of domestic violence, including emergency housing, emotional support, and tools that help individuals and families overcome enduring trauma.

  • Ending Gender-Based Violence, Harassment, and Discrimination by intensifying provisions of the Violence Against Women Act, prohibiting the legal intimidation of survivors, blocking abusers from access to guns, securing justice for sexual assault victims, protecting transgender women, and more. (See: A Women's Agenda) 

  • Addressing the crisis of gun violence by adopting common-sense measures like universal background checks and safe gun storage laws that reduce the chance of firearms getting into the wrong hands while protecting the rights of responsible owners.

  • Reinstating the Public Safety and Recreational Firearms Use Protection Act to ban assault weapons nationwide as they were from 1994-2004, greatly improving public safety, keeping law enforcement officers out of harms way, and reducing the likelihood of mass shootings.

  • Recognizing the role that engaging our youth has in crime prevention and following through on providing them with recreational activities, community services, counseling, and more.

  • Creating constant dialogue opportunities between police and the communities they serve, especially at-risk youth.

  • Working to pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act to implement proper checks and balances for police departments, including limiting the principle of qualified immunity, national requirements for body and dash cameras, ending no-knock warrants for drug investigations, and mandating training and development of anti-discrimination and de-escalation practices.

  • Acknowledging that access to everything from healthcare to housing is inherently a public safety issue.

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